ChrisandZane And The Gang is an American animated television series created by Jim Carrey and Zane Christopher Morgan . The show first premiered on FOX on September 25, 1988. It is ChrisandZane

's second series after Brooklyn Nine Nine. The series focuses on the events of U Jim Carrey and Heather-Emily-Rosie living in Tampa, Florida and occasionally those including their friends Heather Emily Rosie and Keegan S.,

TjsWorld2011 conceived the show's concept in late 1993 while at serving his term the animation institute Collingtoons in Los Angeles, California after he created two characters named Tjdrum and Ccmater, the former based partly on himself, and had the idea of "building a whole world" around the two characters. After changes were made to the central character design in 1997 (partly inspired by the FOX series The Simpsons), he soon created more characters based on the design and began working on the show with his classmate Ntpockets. The show first appeared in its early form as a series of pilot episodes on the 20th Century Fox]] show on Nickelodeon in August 1998. The show was able to be green lit by the network for a full length series on the network.

The success of the show's premiere and its subsequent seasons yielded the production of three feature films based on it, ChrisandZane And The Gang The Movie (2015). Since the show's premiere, various forms of merchandise based on the show have been released. The series is currently rated TV-PG in the United States.